Surveyor Unit Entitlements

When dividing property between domestic and industrial owners, there are quite a few things that ought to be kept in mind. It is important to give entitlements or rights to these property owners. This is called unit entitlements and is applicable both for private and commercial plots and properties.

We being a reputed valuation specialist have experience in providing such unit entitlements. The amount entitlement has a number of means and ways by which it can be determined. A few things that we take into account are the size of the property, location. There are a number of important decisions taken based on such unit entitlements:

• It gives unhindered rights to the owners to use the property for any purposes.
• It allows them to calculate the amount that is payable as property on such properties.
• It makes the unit entitlement simpler both for land and constructed apartments and properties.
• We also provide surveyors who will measure the land and come up with the exact unit entitlement depending on various factors as mentioned above.
• We use the most modern and scientific ways and means to measure the property and then come out with the unit entitlement amount.
• The laws governing unit entitlement keep changing in Perth and other places and we always keep ourselves updated on the same.
• We have a team of property valuers who can help complete the entire process within a short period of time.
• Since we have experience in unit entitlement calculation for a long period of time, there is little doubt that even the government authorities find not much difficulty in accepting our calculations. In fact our reports are set as benchmarks for comparison with others.

In view of the facts mentioned above, we would be happy to serve you if you so desire.

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