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Plant and Equipment Valuations

The tangible assets essential to a company’s operational efficiency and success are known as plant and equipment. Examples include construction and transport vehicles, heavy and light machinery, production tools, computers, printers, etc.

In Perth, plant and equipment are critical to the corporate landscape. As such, the importance of valuations should not be understated.

What is a plant and equipment valuation?

A plant and equipment valuation is the most reliable method of finding the market value for an organisation’s plant and equipment. Whether you need a valuation for a single tangible or the full range of plant and equipment in your company, valuation services are incredibly useful.

A P&E valuation report is accepted as certified proof of market value. Reports also often outline depreciation rates, age and condition, and the remaining useful lifespan.

Which valuers can prepare P&E valuation reports?

Only Certified Practising Valuers (CPV) of Plant & Machinery (P&M) can prepare plant and equipment valuation reports. The Australian Property Institute (API) grants this status to members with specialised PP&E expertise.

A CPV of P&M is an experienced valuer with the unique insight needed to accurately determine the market value for all sorts of machinery, equipment, vehicles and more.

Why should you get a plant and equipment valuation report?

The benefits of plant and equipment valuation reports are plentiful. As such, there are several reasons to purchase plant and equipment valuation services.

  • Improved asset management, disposal and replacement planning.
  • Accurate financial reporting and internal accounting reviews.
  • Swifter settlement negotiations and mediation processes.
  • Proof of market value for legal disputes and litigation.
  • Informed strategic planning and succession planning.
  • Details on financial position for mergers and acquisition purposes.
  • Definitive outline of tax-related obligations.

What is the cost of a plant and equipment valuation?

The cost of a plant and equipment valuation will vary depending on several different considerations. There is no one set price that applies across all valuations. Some of the factors affecting the final cost are:

  • The type of tangible asset being valued
  • The experience of the valuer
  • The purpose and scope of the report
  • The number of assets to be valued

Request a quote for our pricing structure and a clear outline of how much the service is likely to cost.

P&E Valuations at Perth Property Valuers Metro

At Perth Property Valuers Metro, our experienced team of accredited plant and equipment valuers have the tools and expertise to prepare precise P&E valuation reports. As industry leaders, we maintain an exceptionally high standard of service and meticulous precision in all reports.

Our team members have performed valuations on all sorts of vehicles, machinery and equipment in Perth. We have helped clients find accurate market value and make informed decisions regarding their assets. For more information on our P&E valuation services, don’t hesitate to give us a call today.