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Perth Asset Valuers

At Perth Property Valuers Metro, we are able to provide specialised valuation types that demand expert knowledge and qualifications, including asset valuers. We have a specialised team of asset valuers Perth to complete these valuations for any individual, business or other entity, for any specific purpose.


Why are asset valuers needed?

We have experience in providing asset register valuations for a wide range of purposes. No matter what the industry or sector you are in, we can provide asset valuers for corporations, small business, and individuals.

There are many reasons why you may need the current market value of your assets. These include situations such as:

  • For internal financial reporting
  • For financial auditing purposes
  • To sell the assets, whether individually or as part of a business
  • To divide assets from a deceased estate
  • To assist with a settlement
  • To assess financial standing of a business or an individual
  • To inform any financial decisions

Being able to keep track of assets is essential for a business, and therefore obtaining and updating an asset register valuation at regular intervals can be useful for ensuring an accurate asset register.

This is beneficial for financial planning, determining amount of equity held, and calculating depreciation of assets for taxation purposes. In addition to this, keeping track of assets and their value can be useful in many situations.


What is included in an asset register valuation?

An asset register valuation report is comprehensive and well-researched. Our asset valuers will inspect each item included in the asset register in person, and conduct research to determine the classification and general condition of each item. From there they will compile the asset register valuation, which is an in depth report that includes:

  • A detailed list of each item, as well as photographs
  • The fair market value of each item
  • Information on comparable sales for each item, showing how the value was determined
  • The overall value held in the asset register

Asset Valuers Perth

Our experienced valuers are able to provide comprehensive, detailed valuation reports for all asset register requirements. Whether it is needed for specialised, niche equipment, or more general assets, our valuers endeavour to provide quality and accurate property valuers service.

If you require an asset register valuation, contact our team today on (08) 9468 3202 or fill out an online enquiry form. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have!