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Perth Unit Entitlement Services

Perth Property Valuers Metro are industry leaders in property valuation within the Perth area and greater Western Australia. Our team of property valuers each have over 20 years of local property market experience, and additionally are certified and registered with the Australian Property Institute (API).

We have a team of expert valuers who specialised in providing unit entitlements Perth. With their experience and expertise, you can be sure that your unit entitlement will comply with all relevant legislative criteria.


What is a unit entitlement?

A unit entitlement represents the portion of rights and responsibilities each individual unit in a strata scheme holds. There is a concrete number of unit entitlements which are divided between each unit, often proportionally divided according to the size or value of the unit.

A schedule of unit entitlements outlines the total division of unit entitlements in a strata building, and must be provided by a certified property valuer. The schedule of unit entitlements is required when forming a strata scheme for a new development, or in a situation that requires the current unit entitlements need to be revaluated. This document must be completed in accordance with the relevant requirements of the Strata Titles Act 1985 and the Valuation of Land Act 1978.


Why are unit entitlements needed?

After a schedule of unit entitlements has been prepared, and therefore the division of unit entitlements within the strata block is decided, these are used to manage the responsibly of each unit owner.

This includes the contribution amount towards strata fees which cover maintenance of common areas and insurance. In addition to the division of fees, unit entitlements also dictate the voting rights amongst the unit owners in a strata scheme, to maintain fair rights with consideration to the fees being paid.


When are unit entitlements needed?

A scheme of unit entitlements is required from a certified property valuer in a few different situations. These include:

  • For the formation of a new strata scheme, such as in cases of a new development or a building which has recently been split or sub divided
  • When an existing strata scheme needs adjustments to the scheme of unit entitlements because of new developments or changes to the building, such as a renovated unit or new units added
  • To determine or confirm fair unit entitlement division in the case of a dispute over the existing scheme of unit entitlements

Unit Entitlement Services Perth

Our team of expert valuers are qualified to provide unit entitlement valuations, building valuations and many more. Some of these documents are accepted by the legislative and government bodies which require them. With years of expertise behind them, by choosing our valuers you can be assured that your scheme of unit entitlements will be accurate and fair.

If you require our unit entitlement services, please reach out to our friendly team on (08) 9468 3202 or by filling out an online enquiry form.