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Perth Rental Appraisal Service

Here at Perth Property Valuers Metro, we take pride in our reputation as leaders in the valuation industry. We have a team of qualified and experienced property valuers who are able to provide you with a rental appraisal, which are also referred to as rental reviews.

Our valuers are able to provide a rental appraisal Perth for both tenants and landlords, as well as for any property type from residential to commercial. All valuation services provided by our team have honesty, accuracy, and integrity at the forefront of their process.


When are rental appraisals needed?

Regular rental appraisals are standardised for most commercial properties to ensure that an accurate and fair rate of rent is being charged. This is because commercial lease periods are usually much longer than residential leases, and such a way to reassess the rental value at regular intervals is needed. Our valuers are also experts in commercial property valuation and can provide a full service if required.

There are a few common situations in which a rental review is needed for any property type, including:

  • When entering a new tenancy, in order to set a fair rental rate
  • When a current lease is being renewed, in order to revaluate the current rental rate
  • In cases of a rent dispute between a landlord and tenant, to assist with negotiations as an expert third party
  • In any other situation in which a current market rental value of the property must be determined

In all these situations, a rental valuation can be requested by both the tenants of a property or the landlord. An accurate rental review will be beneficial to both these parties as they determine what the correct and fair amount of rent is based on the current market conditions. This ensures that the tenant is not being over charged or under charged, and the property owner receives a fair return on their investment.

Rental Appraisal Service Perth

We are an independent property valuation company, which means we are bias free and without any conflict of interest. Our valuers are third party experts who are able to determine the true rental value of a property while keeping the best interests of the client in mind. All our rental valuation reports are accurate, detailed and complied with expertise and extensive research.


How is a rental valuation determined?

Our rental valuations are in depth and comprehensive. They provide an accurate fair market rental value for the property based on facts and evidence. In addition to this, they also give insight into factors which have influenced the rental value of the property, including:

  • Information of the property, including property type, use, size, and location
  • Details of the property, such as its overall condition, materials used in construction, and fixtures and finishes
  • Local market rental evidence from comparable properties, as well as the details of the properties and their rental rates
  • Assessment of the current market condition

By choosing an independent and certified property valuer for your rental valuation, you are ensured a bias free and accurate rental value. Contact our team of experts today by calling (08) 9468 3202 or through filling out an online form.