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Property Valuation Services

At Perth Property Valuers, we pride ourselves on offering our clients with quality service and expert advice across all real-estate property valuation services. We are registered in residential, commercial, and industrial property types. We are a full-service property valuations firm, and all of our independent valuers have over 20 years’ experience in their specialised fields of property.

When our valuations are conducted our expert valuers will consider economic and social trends, as well as government regulations and environmental conditions that may influence the value of the property. There are four elements that are utilised to value the property:

  • Demand – the need for ownership, supported by your financial means
  • Utility – The satisfaction of the future owners’ needs
  • Scarcity – competing properties within the area
  • Transferability – the ease of transferring ownership rights.

Perth Property Valuers offer a wide range of valuations services, one being real-estate property valuation. A real-estate valuation is used to estimate the value of real estate, this is necessary for a variety of reason, the main one would be to determine the accurate value of the property you are interested in, a real-estate valuation may also be used for, financing, sales listings, investment analysis, property insurance and taxation purposes.

Our qualified and independent senior valuers know that each real estate property is different and when it comes to valuing the property, they will consider these unique features in their inspection and report detailing:

  • Information of the property, including property type, use, size, and location
  • Details of the property, such as its overall condition, materials used in construction, and fixtures and finishes
  • Local market evidence from comparable properties
  • Assessment of the current market conditions

This means our valuers are expert authorities in determining a property’s value. With expertise, experience, and knowledge of the local area backing our valuation reports and the process is determined by API standards, we ensure due diligence is taken at every stage throughout the valuation.

We are the top choice for any real-estate property related requirements in Perth and the greater Western Australia region.