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Property Valuation Services

A property valuation, when properly performed, can be indispensable. From insurance to litigation, a good property valuation Perth is not only required but can also save you thousands on taxes and other related fees. Before you take advantage of these services, however, you need to know exactly what it is you need.

This page includes a quick description of the property valuation services we offer so you can be better informed about all the ways we can assist our clients. Each of the services described on this page also has a corresponding page of its own with more information if needed. You may still be confused about what exactly you require for your property valuation, if you are please feel free to contact us.

Our team includes experts in all of the following services. Our team members have also been accredited by the chief industry organisation in the country, the Australian Property Institute. The Institute sets guidelines and expectations for everyone that works in the industry, in order to be a member our experts need to consistently perform their valuations transparently and professionally.

We can guarantee the work of our experts thanks not only to their API membership but also to their many years of experience. Each one has been actively valuing property for more than 20 years, helping clients just like you achieve their goals. If you need a value for your property, we know how to find it.

All Our Property Valuation Services

Building Valuations

Strata Buildings must be insured in case of damage or the need to rebuild. Just like anything else that needs to be insured its value must first be determined before an insurer will provide a covering policy. Our experts can perform all necessary calculations and research for this task.

But this service requires more than just research and calculation. No insurer would offer a policy unless they are satisfied that the corresponding property report shows the right value. This is why we take extra care with these when writing these reports so no insurer can find fault with our methods or conclusions.

Capital Gains Tax Valuations

No one enjoys Capital Gains Tax but luckily the team and Perth Property Valuers Metro are here to help you save. Our experts are able to use objective data and independent calculations to find a property’s value so you can be sure you are only paying the ATO strictly what you need to.

Many past clients have called on us to find the value of a property at the point it became an asset so they can accurately calculate the profit made on its sale. Once they know this, they can then determine exactly what they need to pay in CGT. We have heard from countless clients that by using our valuation they paid far less than they thought they would.

Commercial Property Valuation

Commercial property is valued in much the same way that residential is. It requires an expert to first examine the current market for similar properties and consider the differences between these properties and a client’s before ultimately determining a value.

The major difference is often times the sales information for commercial property will be comparatively smaller. This is why we only trust highly experienced experts with these valuations as only they know how to extrapolate an accurate value from this amount of sales evidence.

Compensation Property Valuation

Do you think that your properties value has been affected by someone else’s actions? It could be a neighbour’s negligence or a compulsory acquisition order from the state government, either way, you could be entitled to compensation.

For these clients, we need to establish the value of the property before the damaging incident. This can be done through a retrospective valuation or a current market valuation depending on the situation. Either way, once this has been completed our expert will consider how this value will be affected and thus the level of compensation you are rightfully entitled to.

Deceased Estate Valuation

Many times before a deceased person’s assets can be handed down according to their wishes each one must be accurately valued. As property is likely to be the biggest asset affected by a deceased Estate it is important that these valuations are done properly.

We have helped past clients by providing a property valuation that ticks all the boxes for accuracy and transparency. Our property reports not only satisfy all possible inheritors but also any interested courts or legal proceedings. This is all thanks to our experience and dedication

Family Law Property Valuations

All court in the country has strict requirements for what they expect from a valuation and a Family Law Court is no different. We can guarantee that the property reports that we provide to clients will include all needed information as well as be formatted to satisfy the court.

Some of our clients at first choose to use the services of a far less experienced group for these valuations. We have heard from many of these clients that their case has been delayed or worst as the court did not recognise their property as evidence. While we are always happy to help by producing our own valuation and report it is far easier and less stressful to get one done properly the first time.

Insurance Valuation

If you are trying to acquire Insurance for a property please reach out to our team. We do not offer insurance ourselves but are a key part of the process. Our property reports can be used as evidence as to a properties value and thus the level of insurance needed.

These reports have been able to help hundreds of clients save on their insurance premiums. We have found that many times that when an insurer values a property themselves, they will overestimate so as to better protect themselves from any claims. As an independent company, our only interest is finding an accurate value.

Internal Accounting Valuation

Are you or your business considering a new financial venture? Do you want to know exactly how much the assets you already own are worth? If you do, we can help. Our Internal Accounting Valuation service is the perfect answer to these questions.

As an example, a client was looking to expand and possibly rearrange their current investment portfolio. We performed valuations on many properties they either owned or had invested in so they could have a complete idea of where their money was now before possibly moving it in another direction.

Litigation Property Valuation

Litigation can be a stressful process for anyone. Many times, a property and its value will be a key concern in a case and when this is true, we can help to make the process a little easier. Our experts can quickly and accurately find the value of a property and provide a report acceptable to all Australian courts.

From Family Court, all the way up to High Court of Australia we have been able to construct accurate property reports that have been accepted as authoritative and trustworthy. If you need to prove the value of property to any court we are the best team in Perth for you.

Mortgage Property Valuation

For the vast majority of Australians, the only to buy a home is to apply for a mortgage. With property prices as high as they are and showing no sign of slowing this is only becoming more true. But before this can be done the financial institution providing the mortgage must know the property’s value.

Our experts can find the value of any property and create a purpose-built report to show this value and the research that has gone into its calculation. These reports can then be submitted to a financial group to help secure a mortgage and move you closer to owning your next property.

Pre-purchase/Pre-sale Valuation

It is hard to remember a time that the property market was less predictable than it is now. This simple fact has made both our pre-purchase and pre-sale valuation services more important than ever. Our experts are able to inform our clients what any given property should expect to sell for based on the market as it is today and not the past.

At Perth Property Valuers Metro we have access to all the latest property market information so each of our valuations is a reflection of the market as it is today. All this up to the minute information lets our clients know exactly what a property should be selling for.

Property Settlement Valuations

Before a property settlement can be agreed on by all involved parties the value of each property must be agreed on. This can be harder than it sounds, many clients have told us of difficulties involving different valuations of the same property and disagreement as to its true value.

Our Property Settlement Valuations only look at the objective facts about a property and the market it exists in. The reports we provide reflect this fact can be agreed on as being truly transparent truthful. Thanks to these attributes the values we find are the perfect starting point in any settlement negotiation.

Property Valuation for Divorce Settlement

A divorce will in all likelihood require a division of assets. The assets will include not only those owned collectively but also those in the name of either individual. In most cases, the biggest asset or assets being divided will be property, the experts at Perth Property Valuers Metro are uniquely placed to help clients in this situation.

For these clients, we will find the value of each property based only on facts and not biased opinions. This means that property reports we provide can be trusted by both parties to be truthful and transparent so they can be used as a base for any property division.

Property Valuation for Tax Purposes

We can help with any tax that is based on the value of a property. Our experts do one thing at Perth Property Valuers Metro and that is finding the value of property in this state. From these values, our clients are able to accurately determine exactly what they are required to pay in tax.

The majority of the clients that need a valuation of this type are concerned with CGT or Stamp Duty and we have the experience needed to write a property report that the ATO or state government will find acceptable. If you are concerned with these taxes we are the right team for the job.

Rental Appraisal

If you are negotiating rent, as a tenant or a landlord, you should be as informed as possible. A Rental Appraisal Perth Valuation will involve an expert’s investigation into a local rental market that aims to uncover all that needs to be known to set a market appropriate rent.

While these reports are usually used by a landlord to determine exactly how much rent should be paid by a commercial tenant, our property reports of this type can be a great help in any rent negotiation. Our reports are detailed enough to provide all information needed to negotiate from a point of strength.

Retrospective Property Valuation

A retrospective property valuation is slightly more involved than our standard services. Rather than relying on the current data coming from the market, our experts will instead look to find as much information as they can about similar properties from a designated time in the past.

As an example, a client needed to know the amount of CGT the Australian Tax Office expect to be paid after selling a long-time investment property. The only issue was that there was no known value of the property for the time it became an investment. Fortunately, our experts knew exactly what needed to be done and were able to calculate the retrospective value of the property.

Stamp Duty Valuations

Stamp Duty is the tax charged by the Revenue WA whenever the title of an asset is transferred to another party. This tax is based on the current market value of the asset, an easy calculation assuming the asset was sold on the open market at arms length.

But this is not always the case. If an asset, like a property, has had its title transferred but has not been sold on the open market must a property valuation must be performed. This is so an accurate value can be established and thus Stamp Duty calculated.

Superannuation Fund Valuation

If you run your own Superannuation Fund you must declare the value of each property that has been invested in, to the ATO. This process ensures that you are only using your SMSF (Self Managed Super Fund) to build funds for retirement and nothing else.

The experts at Perth Property Valuers Metro are the best choice in the city for these valuations. They have completed thousands of these valuations before and know exactly what the Australian Tax Office is looking for. We can ensure that the ATO accepts our property reports as we have completed thousands of them in the past.

Unit Entitlement

Do you think that your current Unit Entitlement has been incorrectly calculated or perhaps something about your strata property has changed and the entitlement should thus be recalculated? If you do, we have just the team of experts for you.

We have been able to re-evaluate Unit Entitlement for clients across the city. Some come to us feeling that the current situation of the strata property has changed from when entitlement was first decided or even that the original determination was incorrect. In all cases, we have been able to help these clients find their new entitlement.

Asset Valuers

Any business or individual should know the value of their assets. Most businesses will keep track of their assets through a register, a list that is made of each item owned by the business in question as well as any important information on each asset.

If you or your business does not have a register of this kind do not worry, our experts are able to help with the creation of one. By using a register, either a pre-existing one or a newly created one, our expert is able to find the value of any and every item.

Current Market Value

Most of the cases we deal with in Perth are primarily concerned with finding the value of a property as it currently exists. The Current Market Value of a property is an expertly calculated reflection of what a property could expect to be sold for on an open and free market.

Clients that approach us for this type of value can require it for many reasons. From a young family looking to buy their very first house to a business needing to update its books with one of our internal accounting services, a current market value is key.

Related Party Transfer

Stamp duty needs to be paid every time a title is transferred between two people, excluding a married couple. The precise amount that needs to be paid is based on the value of the property. This is simple enough for properties that have been purchased but it is a different matter for those that have been transferred.

Our property valuers can find the value of your new property so that you can pay the right amount of tax. An expert, like those working at Perth Property valuers Metro, are able to use objective sales data to not only find a property’s value but also save you on your tax.

Residential Property Valuer

Our property valuers can find the value of your new property so that you can pay the right amount of tax. An expert, like those working at Perth Property valuers Metro, are able to use objective sales data to not only find a property’s value but also save you on your tax.

Some of our most common services involve the determination of tax for residential properties. In these cases, our experts will take a look at the local property market, collect relevant information and data and finally conduct the calculations needed to find an accurate value.


The experts in the Office

These descriptions should have helped clear up any confusion about our range of services. If you are still unsure what exactly you need or would like to receive a free quote please call (08) 9468 3202 or fill in the Contact Us form found on this page.