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Property Valuation Services and Their Benefits

By John Carter

Property Valuation Services and Their Benefits

What is a property valuation service?

Property valuations are reviews conducted by experts with the aim of establishing fair market value for real estate assets. Property valuation services in Perth carry out a systematic assessment of multiple factors that impact the value of a property analysed to calculate an equitable selling price for real estate assets. Components factored into the examination are as follows:

  • Location
  • Size & age
  • Amenities
  • Market and economic conditions

The goal of property valuations is to supply services with objective and accurate estimates of a property’s worth. Being aware of the worth of a residence is essential for numerous reasons. Real estate transactional exchanges, financing, insurance coverage, taxation and many other factors depend on a precise valuation.

In the process of a property valuation, an experienced professional performs a painstaking inspection. They consider all the multiplicities contributing to value. Other components considered are the layout, architectural design, and any repairs or upgrades done. Valuers also implement the comparison method, comparing alike properties in the area as a touchstone for reaching a market price.

Other than the comparison method, many methods are exercised depending on the asset type and purpose of the valuation, like the income approach and the cost approach. Usually, a valuer’s experience and understanding of the local market and real estate trends and the real estate type inform the chosen approach.

What property valuation services are there?

A valuer’s notable accuracy and impartiality generate a product that is admissible and useful in many circumstances. Resulting in many different specified types of valuations. Let’s look at some of the valuation services offered:

  • Market Valuation: Utilises the comparability of similar properties nearby using recent market data to facilitate a fair market value judgement. It’s most helpful with real estate transactions and refinancing properties.
  • Rental Valuation: This approximates the potential income of a rental property. Investors intend to make an income through renting. This valuation determines a fair rental price and optimises their return on investment.
  • Insurance Valuation: Accurate coverage ascertains whether or not you’re covered in cases of emergency. Your premiums and overall coverage are determined by your property’s market value.
  • Taxation Valuation: Tax valuation determines the taxable value of a real estate asset. An exact market value ensures you pay only your fair share and avoid any penalties.
  • Development Valuation: This type of valuation accounts for zoning regulations, construction costs and potential land use to determine the growth value of a real estate asset. Affirming the potential for renovation or development and redevelopment is crucial for investment.
  • Mortgage Valuation: Banks and lenders require an appraisal to determine the loan-to-value ratio and calculate the highest amount they’re willing to loan. Sufficient collateral is required for mortgage approval and a mortgage valuation helps establish that.

The benefits of using property valuation services

Commissioning a property valuation is of marked significance to real estate owners. Any property stakeholder stands to benefit substantially from the information valuations serve to provide. These are some of the various benefits:

  • Real Estate Transactions: This can facilitate setting a realistic and fair selling price and buyers can feel safe that they’re paying a justified amount as per the market value. In other words, both parties can ensure they’re not overpaying or underselling a property during this transaction.
  • Mortgage financing: Lenders use valuations to evaluate the risk related to approving a mortgage. With an accurate valuation, you are guaranteed to receive fair financing for your asset.
  • Investment Decisions: To properly scrutinise the return on an investment, you need to know its value or potential income. It can help you find undervalued properties or properties that could be worth a lot in the future.
  • Insurance and Taxation: Without an accurate property market valuation, you’re at risk of over or underpaying tax. In the case of insurance, you getting lower coverage that will not cover rebuilding or repair in an emergency or losing money to high and unnecessary premiums.
  • Financial Planning: When you understand the worth of your property you’re better able to plan for your financial future. Whether you’re in a position to make investments using your asset as collateral or invest in more assets.

What is the process of a property valuation service?

A property valuation service involves a thorough review of the physical conditions of a real estate asset along with the market and economic conditions it exists in to establish asset value. These are the usual steps taken as part of the process:

  • Property inspection
  • Data Collection
  • Market Analysis
  • Valuation methods
  • Final report
  • Review presentation

During the inspection, professional and experienced valuers assess the location, condition, size, layout, and amenities among other things. They note all facets that affect the overall value of the estate. The valuer then gathers all relevant data related to recent sales of residences nearby with similar characteristics. This is used as a gauge to measure value.

Then a market analysis is performed, and the property under valuation is compared with recent sales of comparable properties in the area. They consider the advantages or disadvantages that come with the location, size, condition, and current market trends to calculate the property’s worth.

The process of analysis can be done using different approaches. Firstly, there is the comparison method, the income method and the cost method. The methods used assist in assessing real estate value from different points of view.

Using the data collected, market analysis completed, and valuation methods utilised a property’s equitable sale price is determined based on the data collected. The data and all contributing factors and methods used are detailed in a report. The final report is checked and then presented to the client for use in whatever way is needed.


Essentially, valuation services are ineffably handy if one needs reliable and accurate information regarding an investment as substantial as property. An independent valuation service can not be understated. Not having your assets valued means you may take risks beyond what you’re technically able to afford or not take any control over your financial security at all.

Having a valuation for your real estate assets means you can better plan your finances and grow what you already have. When you’re aware of the value of something you own you’re better able to support more financial risks or simply enjoy it, comfortable in the fact that you know your financial position. This is the ultimate gift of property valuation services and ultimate financial control.

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