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Perth Property Settlement Valuations

At Perth Property Valuers Metro, we provide accurate valuation reports to assist with property settlement valuations. We understand this process can be difficult and often stressful, and as such we take all effort to ensure a smooth process.

Our valuers all have over 20 years’ experience in the local property market and are certified with the Australian Property Institute (API). This means our valuers are expert authorities in determine a property’s value. With expertise, experience, and knowledge backing our valuation reports, we are the top choice for property settlement valuations Perth and the greater Western Australia region.


How can a property valuation help with a settlement?

An accurate and well researched property valuation is vital during a property settlement process. Especially in cases where the settlement is not amicable such as a property valuation for divorce settlement, having a neutral and experienced third party provide the accurate value can assist with solving disputes.

A property settlement valuation requires an in-depth inspection to be undertaken by the valuer. The valuer uses this information gathered as well as exclusive industry databases to determine the value. This will result in a report that is thoroughly researched and comprehensive. It will include information such as:

  • A certified property valuation which provides the property’s current or retrospective market value
  • Information on the property, such as its condition and features, size, location, and any notable improvements
  • Risk analysis of the property, noting environmental and property market factors
  • Detailed property sales evidence of recent comparable sales in the nearby areas, with a breakdown of how they compare to the subject property
  • Market analysis and rationale of how this impacts the value of the property

Depending on the specific circumstances of the settlement, this can be used for private mediation purposes, family law property valuations or alternatively can be made to comply with any legal requirements for use in court.

Property Settlement Valuations Perth

An independent property valuer must uphold industry standards to ensure due diligence is taken in creating the valuation report. This provides a guarantee for accuracy and attention to detail.

As a property is a large asset, it is important to take all steps to find a fair division during a property settlement. By choosing an independent property valuer, you will be provided with a conflict of interest free, true value of your property.

If you require a settlement property valuation, our valuers are the leading experts and care about providing the best quality of service. Contact us today on (08) 9468 3202 or fill out an online enquiry form.