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Perth Litigation Property Valuation Services

Perth Property Valuers Metro are the experts in litigation property valuation services Perth. Our valuers have experience across commercial, residential, and industrial property types and can provide detailed property valuations for litigation and legal proceedings. These types of valuations require adherence to specific guidelines set out by the court, and thus differ from a standard valuation report both in length and content.


Who can provide property valuations for litigation purposes?

Only an independent and certified property valuer can provide a property valuation to be used in court. A litigation property valuation must comply with any judicial or legislative requirements which can differ according to which court circuit the valuation is for.

Additionally, certified property valuers are exclusively able to appear as an expert witness in a court of law, which can be crucial for litigation proceedings regarding a legal property dispute.

At Perth Property Valuers Metro, all our valuers have over 20 years of experience and are certified with the Australian Property Institute (API). This means they can produce highly detailed and accurate property valuations that adhere to the API and legal standards. Our valuers can complete additional legal requirements such as standing as an expert witness, signing affidavits, compensation property valuations and family law property valuations, along with many more.


What is included in a property valuation for litigation purposes?

A property valuation report used for litigation purposes is called a long form valuation report, and contains additional content specifically for a court setting, that a standard valuation report doesn’t need.

When determining the value of a property for litigation purposes, the valuer will thoroughly inspect the property noting relevant details which may impact the value. As well as this, they undergo extensive research into the property market, finding local comparable sales in order to determine the fair market value of the property.

A long form valuation report can be between 25 – 30 pages long, containing comprehensive detail on the property and overall market condition. All factors which have influenced the final value of the property are included, as well as a breakdown of the valuer’s career. This is in order to prove they are qualified to act as an expert in the legal proceedings.

Litigation Property Valuation Services Perth

If you are in need of a litigation property valuation, we understand that this is a stressful process. As such, the team at Perth Property Valuers Metro is committed to providing the highest level of service and taking the work out of your hands. Our expert valuers can provide you with property valuation reports that comply with all legal requirements, complied with accuracy, honesty, and integrity.

Please reach out to our friendly team for any property valuation requirements by calling (08) 9468 3202 or filling out an online enquiry form. We are always happy to be of service.