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How to get property valuation and its certificate

By John Carter

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Property valuation certificates? Something new to you? Don’t worry. We will explain you what is property valuation, how to do property valuation, who will do the property valuation, how to get the property valuation certificate and all.

We will start with property valuation, what it is?

This is the estimated value given by the property valuer for your property as per the market conditions.

Basically, a property valuer Perth inspect the whole property and then calculate the property value on the basis of market conditions, economic status, property type, previous history and then prepare a report which gives the fair market value of the real estate property. This is the basic procedure adopted by the property valuers Perth. Though every valuer has his own process to evaluate the value of the property.

Property valuer is the one who does property valuation Perth. After the valuation, they provide of the complete report of valuation along with the certificate which shows the actual market value of the property.

There are few ways to find the value of the property –

Take advantage of comparable property –

To find the real worth of the property the comparable property is the best method among all. Comparable properties are considered as one of the best tools to find the property’s worth. Perth Property Valuers Metro use comparable properties to evaluate the right price of the property.

This is very difficult to find the two property looks alike. But still there are some ways where we have to make the adjustments to know the worth of the property.

Hire a valuer –

Hiring an appraiser to value your home is one of the most accurate methods in determining the property’s worth. As valuers have their own experience, skills and knowledge which helps them to evaluate the value of their house.

There are a few aspects on which appraiser will look upon –

  • The structure of the property
  • The interior of the property
  • The upgrades made in property
  • Amenities
  • Front and back yards

The appraiser will analyse the property very minutely like condition, quality of material used, foundation, roofing, siding, exterior, defects in the property, renovations, appliances, additional valuable things attached with the property, quality of doors, windows etc. each and every inside and outside the property will be examine by the property valuer.

Upgrades in the property includes new paint, new flooring, remodelling, updated kitchens, updated bathrooms will increase the value of your home/ property.

Don’t forget the front yards and backyards will also play important role in the property’s value. Keep it clean and worth watching.

Though you can also highlight the prime features of your property while valuer inspect the property but along with this it is also not right to disturb the valuer while working on the field.

Online home value estimator tools –

Apart from all these, there are few property valuation tools present in the online world, to determine the property’s value. Many free online property value estimator tools present that will scan the data from various sources.

All you have to fill the questionnaire related to your property and get the estimated value online via online property valuer tool.

Which factors are responsible for property valuation

  • Location
  • Amenities
  • Infrastructure
  • Commercial real estate
  • Availability of land
  • Structure

So what you are waiting for. Contact Perth Property Valuers Metro soon to discuss our property valuation services and get your work done by our trusted and experienced valuers – property valuation Perth.