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Perth Family Law Property Valuations

Here at Perth Property Valuers Metro, we understand the stress that can come with needing Family Law property valuations and as such have a specialised team of experts to provide these services. Our valuers have over 20 years local of experience each and are uniquely qualified to stand as an expert witness in the Family Law Court of WA, and provide accurate family law property valuations in Perth.

With our team at Perth Property Valuers Metro, you can rest assured you are receiving the highest level of service from experienced and certified property valuers. It is important to have the right experts backing you during Family Law proceedings. As such, our valuation reports are accurate, honest, and comply with all legal and legislative requirements of the courts.

When are property valuations needed for Family Law Court?

There are a few situations where property settlement valuations will be necessary to present to Family Law Court. In a court setting, a property valuation report is used to determine the accurate current market value to assist with settlement disputes. These can include disputes such as:

  • Deceased estate
  • Separation or divorce
  • Internal/related party share buy-out

Alongside the property valuation report, our valuers can also appear as a single expert witness to further assist in the fair division of property.

Family Law Property Valuations Perth

Property valuation reports submitted to the Family Law Courts have to adhere to certain requirements. Our property valuation reports contain the inclusion of any required statutory statements and any other criteria to meet judicial standards. As such, we provide our clients with an extensive analysis of the property and the local market in the form of a long form report.

In addition to this, for a report to be accepted by the court, it must be provided and signed off by a certified property valuer. All our valuers at Perth Property Valuers Metro are qualified and registered with the Australian Property Institute (API) and uphold the highest level of industry standards.

What is included in a long form property valuation report?

A long form report is an expanded version of a standard, or short form, valuation report. Although each report varies according to the property type and complexity, a long form valuation report is typically around 25 – 30 pages long.

In addition to the standard inclusions, a long form property valuation report will contain information specifically for use in Family Law Court. This includes an in-depth market analysis, a breakdown of the property valuer’s credentials and work experience, to show they are qualified to act as an expert witness.

If you require a Family Law property valuation, our expert team at Perth Property Valuers Metro are able to assist you. We ensure complete integrity and care in our service, so you can leave the hard work to us.
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