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Perth Compensation Property Valuation Services

Seeking out compensation as a result of acquisition or any kind of obstruction that has affected your property can be a tiresome, strained process. This might be the government acquisition of the entire property, or the proposal/construction of a government project. In these circumstances it’s important to seek out any independent property valuation firm who are certified to undergo and provide a compensation property valuation. As such, an independent property valuation for compensation will help ascertain if the subject property has lost any of its value because of any kind of government proposal or acquisition.

Under the Land Administration Act 1997, the Western Australian government holds the right to acquire any property fully or partially for a proposed state purposed project. The aim of a compensation property valuation Perth will seek to determine any loss of value of the subject property. This is completed by seeking out the fair market value of the property in its current state if it were not affected by the government proposal. As a result, we will provide a comprehensive, unbiased report that stipulates any loss or potential loss of value without any kind of conflict of interest.

Seeking compensation requires submitting an application to the Western Australian government; therefore, a certified property valuation is required to establish its fair market value by an industry professional. As such, a property valuation for compensation needs a certified valuer to meet its legislative requirements for submission. A property valuation for compensation purposes will include an array of factors to determine its value, such as:

  • Property size and dimensions
  • Location
  • Any notable ancillary improvements
  • Council information and zoning restrictions
  • Local comparable sales

Compensation Property Valuation Services Perth

At Perth Property Valuers Metro, our team of certified property valuers are some of the most highly regarded and sought-out valuers in Perth. With over 20 years’ experience dealing with real property, our team have an acute insight into Perth’s local property market and are the experts in all forms of property valuation services including, internal accounting valuation, unit entitlement and many others.

Having undergone arduous training and practice through the Australian Property Institute (API), our team of certified property valuers are qualified to perform a valuation that will meet the legislative requirements as outlined when submitting a claim for compensation. In turn, we can provide our clients with a valuation report that includes the necessary information to be considered eligible for submission while meeting any other requirements.

Valuations for compensation purposes are complex, so it’s important to seek out the services from a certified property valuer with the experience and reputation to ensure you are looked after. If you are in need of a valuation for compensation of your property, please reach out to one of our expert team members on (08) 9468 3202 or complete an online enquiry form.