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  • Who Determines Fair Market Value?

    For most people involved in the management, ownership, buying, and/or selling of property, the importance of knowing market value is great. Not just anyone can give provide you with the market value of a property, and you’ll need to seek the opinion of an expert. Hiring a valuation service in Perth is the most reliable […]

  • Looking at Independent Property Valuation

    The basics of valuation Any investor knows that the property market is volatile. People’s needs change, and so do neighbourhoods and economies. The driving factors behind market change are more than most can keep pace with. The value of your property can drop or increase incredibly rapidly in the grand scheme of things. To make […]

  • How a Pre-Purchase Valuation Can Assist You

    As a property’s worth is subject to the ever-changing market, it can be difficult to know when the right time to sell or buy is. Negotiations can also often stall over disagreements regarding the price.  A quick-fire solution to this is to get a sworn property valuation from a registered firm. So, what is a sworn […]

  • Comparable Property For Valuation

    Whether you’ve heard of comparable properties from a real estate agent or while ordering a valuation, it doesn’t hurt to have a good understanding of what a comparable is before your next property valuation in Perth. In short, a comparable is a property that is very much like the property being valued. That is, they […]

  • Home Valuation Perth

    When valuing a property there are multiple methods used. One of the most popular and widely used methods is the before and after method for compensation purposes. A compensation valuation takes into account all aspects, including the economic changes such as inflation rates or deflation rates. In this blog we are breaking down our property […]

  • We offer sworn property valuation services on all our reports

    The vast real estate landscape in Perth is full of opportunity. For sellers and buyers of real estate, valuations are an essential tool. Whether you’re considering purchasing or selling property, the decision should never be rushed. Any decision regarding real estate has important financial consequences. As such, buyers and sellers must do everything they can […]

  • We provide sworn property valuation reports in Perth

    If you are an investor or vendor and knows what buyer’s actually need while buying a home or looking for a rental a home then it becomes easy for you to sell your home. As with smart upgrades and right renovation you can sell your home fast. All you have to make it appealing your […]

  • We are expert commercial property valuers based in Perth

    Selling the property is a more difficult task than buying it. As you are associated with your home emotionally. But knowing the right value of the property is vital. Opting for property valuation services can help you in this. Selling your previous home and moving into a new home comes with a lot of reasons. […]

  • Get a certified house valuation in Perth

    One of the many ways to make money through real estate is via rental income. This is the process of renting your property out to suitable tenants who pay a regular fee for the living space. The position of a landlord is one with plenty of responsibilities. As you own the property, you’re responsible for […]

  • We are the best property valuers that operate in your local area

    Diving into the world of real estate, you’ll quickly realise the importance of property valuations. Real estate investors, owners, and sellers all stand to benefit from valuation reports in Perth. A property valuation is a way of finding the market value for a subject property. This can be for any type of property, from residential […]

  • Get an online property valuation report in Perth now by speaking to the experts

    The property market in Perth is packed with opportunities for real estate investors. A vast landscape of real estate exists; from family residential homes to industrial and commercial properties. Across the state, many have learnt how to profit through careful real estate investment. A fluctuating property market and an overwhelming range of real estate options […]