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Points to remember while putting your money in investment property

By John Carter

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Cracking profitable deals in the real estate property market is everyone’s dream. As lucrative profits entice people so much. But it’s not the sure short guide to earn money in real estate – Just invest your money in a property and then get good returns. To make the right decision and to reach your goal here are the points to remember while buying the investment property.

It’s good to learn from other’s mistake, Here are the mistakes that are usually made by property investors –

Lack of Research – Whether you are naive to the property industry or having some experience it is advisable to research online or hire a property valuer to know about the market condition, property rates geography wise, vacancy rates, demand-supply ratio. The research will give you the knowledge and keep you aware of the property market condition which stops you from making fantasy related to the property world and keeps you in touch with the grounds of originality.

Emotional attachment with a property – Buying a property for your own use is totally different from buying a property for investment purpose. Expert property valuers say – don’t put your feelings in the business properties you are all doing this to earn a profit. Be clear in your own thoughts, don’t get fall in love with your investment property. Treat it like a business asset just to make a good business deal. Choose the investment property by using your brain, not your heart. Choose the one which gives good rental income and has solid growth potential.

Not buying property as per tenants requirement – When you are buying an investment property keep your requirements and needs aside and think logically about renters and tenants. What would they like to have. Ask the local agent, in current situation, what type of property renters are looking for, which property gives more rental incomes? Think about the tenant’s comfort and adds value to your investment property like – Geyser, air-conditioner, dishwasher.

Keeping narrow focus – Some investors are looking for the investment property which is around their home or locality. That is not the right practice because it’s not necessary they get the right property near their location. There are many suburbs were buying a property is very beneficial for investment purpose. So better to move out of the city to find the best location where property rates are low and growth is high. An investor should have the sense to smell out the opportunities.

Desire to become rich quickly – Being an investor you should be very prudent. People have a fantasy to get rich quickly, but this is not the case. Undoubtedly, one can earn money through real estate property investment but people have to be very realistic, logical and patient while making decisions related to the investment property. It is not the case you can become the rich overnight, you have to know the market trend, demand-supply ratio before selling the property. Though you can take help from the expert property valuer to know well about the real estate property value.

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