Property Valuation Services

When you are either planning to buy or sell a house, there is the need to have the same valued. Valuations may look simple from the outside but it could be very complicated and difficult. It should be done only by professionals having rich experience and expertise in this field.

We are a leading valuation company operating out of Perth and have been in this business for the past many years. When it comes to property valuation, we are in a position to handle almost anything, however simple or complicated it might be.

We give below a few areas of property valuation where our services could be invaluable:

• Property settlement related valuations
• Pre-sale and pre-purchase valuations.
• Valuations for estates belonging to deceased persons.
• Internal Accounting purpose related valuations.
• Valuation for the purpose of calculation of stamp duty payable.
• All valuation of property that require legal intervention
Family property transfer valuation
• Superannuation fund valuations
• Valuation for the purpose of compensation.
• Mortgage security related valuation for banks, financial institutions and individuals.
• Valuations pertaining to residential Strata Building Replacement Costs and other related matters.
• Related party valuation of properties and other assets and
• Much more.

In fact when it comes to any property related valuations for whatever purpose, being in Perth there is no way you can ignore our name. We are extremely well networked, have the best of professionals working for us.

We are always bound by certain ethics and morals and this get reflected in the quality of valuation reports that come out of our stables.

We also take lot of care to ensure that our rates are not exorbitant and had it been so, we would not be enjoying the patronage of hundreds of small customers whom we respect and salute.

Please feel free to contact any one of our senior valuers to discuss your situation, please call (08) 9468 3202

Or please leave your contact information below and we’ll contact you as soon as possible regarding the valuation you require or assist in your general valuation query. We won’t be beaten on price or service!

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