Current Fair Market Value

You can use a current fair market valuation for a range of purposes and is the most accurate indication of the value of your property.


All reports include an inspection of the property, and contain an extensive description of your property, whilst supporting the value given with 5-7 of the most recent and comparable sales from the area.


Unlike a real estate agent’s appraisal (which contains conflict of interest), a fair market value report will provide a reliable document to help you settle on a price to place on your property for sale or purchase. This can be used as a negotiation tool, or to set a reserve for auction.


A property valuer must complete more than 5 years of a degree, in comparison to an estate agent, who can be qualified in a two week course and hold a vested interest in the sale or purchase of a property. Our Perth property valuers will value a property as an independent certified valuer should – to indicate the true worth of the property.


In terms of turnaround, the valuers only need one or two days’ notice for inspection. From inspection, the reports take 2 business days for residential and 3 business days for commercial to complete.


Should you wish to obtain the accurate value of a property, please contact us now for a quote, as well as with any queries, and our staff will be happy to assist you.


We look forward to being of service.