Current Fair Market Value

Valuation of properties plays a very important role when there is a transfer of property from one person or entity to another. We are a renowned organization in Perth as far as current fair market valuations are concerned. There are a number of reasons why hundreds of customers in and around Perth repose their faith on us as far as valuations of properties are concerned. The main reasons include:

• Our perfect knowledge of the local market and local areas.
• We understand that the valuation would vary from area to area and locality to locality.
• We employ the best of techniques and experienced people as far as such valuations are concerned.
• We have a number of branches in and around Perth which makes it easy for our customers to approach us.
• We believe in establishing cordial relationships with our clients and go much beyond the call of duty when undertaking valuations for our clients.
• We have a good knowledge about the market rate and also the rates mentioned by the authorities for the various localities for the purpose of valuation.
• We use a judicious mix of market rates and government suggested rates and then come up with a fair market valuation.
• Our main aim and objective is to satisfy both the buyer and seller so that there is no room for suspicion or doubts in their minds.
• We understand that such valuations are time bound and hence we take care to ensure that the valuations reports are delivered well on time.
• Since we are a reputed valuer in Perth, our valuation report holds lot of value and respect from the regulatory authorities’ point of view.

Taking all the above factors in consideration, we have no hesitation in stating that it will make a big difference to your valuation should you decide to take our services.

Please feel free to contact any one of our senior valuers to discuss your situation, please call (08) 9468 3202.

Or please leave your contact information below and we’ll contact you as soon as possible regarding the valuation you require or assist in your general valuation query. We won’t be beaten on price or service!